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The husband got into trouble when his wife found out that their daughter got her name from an adult game

Japanese Slashdot article explains that:

According to some Anonymous Coward, article from Ameba News, there is 2ch BBS thread where the story explains how the man got into trouble because of the fact that his wife found out their daughter was named after the character appear in Japanese 18-kin (appropriate for 18 and older) video game. She found out about this because there was a box of the said game place on the computer keyboard when he returned from the work. Name in question was “Kana” (加奈) and his wife thinks her daughter’s name “Kana” was named after her. (and apparently so, according to the poster of the article.) The article ends in question, how would you explain to your son, or daughter, if their name happened to be named after anime, manga, or novels? Shoud you be honest to them?

Japanese naming convention in recent year has been quite interesting. It is not very uncommon for people to name their children after many of modern media works, let alone, anime, manga, novel, and other works intended for general public. The name shown in the above case, is “Kana” which is relatively common name, so fortunately, it is nothing very unusual, and it is perhaps only matter of fact how specific they should get to in terms of where her name came from. Incidentally, another relatively common name, however is not usual contender of most common name in Japan is Sakura (さくら) and this name actually came to top five for couple of years when popular show Card Captor Sakura (カードキャプターさくら) was aired in Japan.

In recent years, increasingly a lot of crazy names are being registered in Japan, because their national registry system only registers kanjis and not how to read them. Some of them being ridiculous and bizarre. (For example, what do you think someone naming their children Pikachu or Hamtaro. They are real names registered in Japan, and there are more than one case of them each.)

So in my opinion, beside real truth to what her name came from, I’d like to praise this father of daughter for naming her, at least something not crazy.

By Hideki Saito

In the video game industry for for more than 15 years. Currently working for Nintendo of America Inc. as a Localization Engineer, developing the translation solutions.