Fun with Anonymous Recipient

GNU Privacy Guard, or GnuPG has interesting feature called anonymous recipient. If you know OpenPGP message format enough, you know that the message contains user ID of recipient. So when you receive such message and try to decrypt using your own private key, OpenPGP implementations know which key to use. This also allows traffic analysis, […]

Social Network Analytics of Japan

Google Insights for Search reveals rather interesting fact about social network system’s in Japan. Overall, Japanese social network scene is dominated by mixi, and Google Insights filtered to Japan do show that trend as well. (In world wide trend, mixi is nothing.) Filtering the result to year to date 2009, it starting to reveal rather […]

A Major Defect of the Android Platform

I haven’t bad mouthed too much of the Android platform, because I think I had some expectation that they are probably working on this to fix the problem. It has been some update release and they still haven’t figured out probably the most critical defect of the platform, so I will dump it out here […]

Online Marketing in Japan?

When I was helping out figuring out what would be the best way to marketing the video game product online in Japan, I was disappointed I could hardly find any options. I’m talking about something other than those banner ads, but what I’m talking about is thing like Facebook page system. For example, there’s big […]

My Take on Religions

Since someone asked. I don’t have any problem with religions. I appreciate all my friendship with people who are religious or not. (And my friends are awesome!) What I have problem is when people don’t accept the fact there are beliefs outside of their own. (Note I’m not saying I have problems with people who’s […]

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