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A Major Defect of the Android Platform

I haven’t bad mouthed too much of the Android platform, because I think I had some expectation that they are probably working on this to fix the problem. It has been some update release and they still haven’t figured out probably the most critical defect of the platform, so I will dump it out here now.

It’s the fact that on memory is constantly full that it causes all kind of nasty problems. Yes, I’m talking about storage space. If you have paying attention to my status, you know I have 8GB of memory. That won’t help me at all. It’s because software can only be installed on the device memory, and not to SD card. Yes you heard it right, even if you have many gigs on your SD, it doesn’t help. You have to rely on your on board storage space of, oh, 128MB or so.

Even if you have software library of 10000s on the market place, well there’s no point of it, because you can’t possibly get more than, perhaps 10 of those apps. Oh, forget about games, they take up too much space. Yeah, so if the big sales point of this device is extensibility by software, that’s big disappointment, because your device simply won’t let you do that.

I heard their side of story on this. It’s because of protected storage for paid apps. They basically have area in internal memory which has “do not let other applications copy this region.” In other word, they are putting this limitation, because if they’d allow installation of apps to SD rather than onboard memory, users will be able to copy softwares otherwise not accessible if they were saved in the protected storage. Hey Google, if that the only way you can implement DRM, I think it’s your time to start firing some of your engineers. You should have smarter people than that.

This not only causes inconvenience, but affects usability, too. Because, when this happens, it stops receiving E-mail, too. (Probably because E-mails are stored in the internal memory, too.) So newest E-mail in my mailbox is now two days old.

For those considering any Android phones, just because of the severity of the problem, at this point, I would recommend to wait until they fix this problem, if ever. I really like the platform and I want them to succeed, but I just had to make some rant on it, as the design is simply retarded.

By Hideki Saito

In the video game industry for for more than 15 years. Currently working for Nintendo of America Inc. as a Localization Engineer, developing the translation solutions.