ORCAcard clarifications

On Saturday, ORCAcard people called me again, clarifying some matters regarding my (apparently) dysfunctional ORCAcard.
They have first explained to me that ORCAcard has 30 days expiration to pending fund. Which means, say, if you charge $10 to the card, and say, for various reasons you do not activate the card (not riding bus for 30 days, or even if you do, but card doesn’t work) that $10 you charged to the card will disappear like it was never charged. At this point, because they do not reverse charge back to your credit card, you will have to call them to reverse that expired charge back into card so it’ll be pending on the card again. (I did not ask if that expired fund taken down from pending status will ever expire — probably not, but I will try to ask that question next time I have to talk to them) Now, word of caution is that this process would still take 24 hours, so this won’t help you in a pinch.
I was informed that when I have pending charge, I have to either 1) tap the card when riding the bus, or 2) tap on the machine located in various place, such as Metro tunnel in Seattle. Now, here’s word of caution, if you choose to do second option; that machine, when you tap your card, will deduct fare from your card. (if you tap it on the bus terminal, it’s $2.50, and $4.75 at the one at the train station.) If you are to tap your card at one of those terminal, make sure you tap again, which then will say it’s canceled. I’ve tried this at bus terminal, and the online log stats that $2.50 is charged, then put back into my card. (For some weird reason, It’s not showing any activity at train station.)
Apparently, second option will reset that 30 days expiration, but I was informed it’ll still expire after 30 days, unless you use it. For example, when you have $5.00 on your card and you ride bus within 30 days, for $2.50, then remaining $2.50 will not expire.
They informed me they will be soon extending that expiration period to 60 days, but they did admit that it’s not complete fix to the problem.
Bottom line: Try to use your card, if you don’t, fund may expire, but if you call them they can put it back on to card.


Getting Angry on the Phone

If you know me enough, you don’t see me get upset so much, well, at least on the way I’d get aggressive. Well, but I guess everything has exception…
I won’t tell who it was at least for now; bottom line is that it’s not someone on my friend list here, but was not a stranger.
It’s just so amazing how people manages to annoy me telling me what to do without even knowing what’s going on. So just a second or so after he completed his sentence, I felt rush of blood going up to my brain, and next thing I notice was that I was pretty much 60% yelling at other person on the phone. It was only 60% because dominant side of myself was still holding “angry myself” back, sort of speak. I do occasionally get angry on the phone, say at tech support representative, but one that I experienced today was just outrageous.
It occured to me, that I guess those people who don’t know when to stop, those people in Japan who are known to “kireru” (キレる) don’t have dominant part of him/herself.
I only hope that this person I was talking over phone won’t make silly statements to me again, because I wouldn’t be 60% next time.