On Bikini and Coffee

I think i just have to write this one. Earlier, I posted two messages on my Facebook page and also on Twitter. This fiasco over Bellevue bikini barista is insane. Oh, and suggestion to photograph customer for defamation is illegal http://bit.ly/5SOln1 and then Also, Bellevue’s “Deputy Mayor” Claudia Balducci suggesting breaking a law while she […]

Using Microsoft Excel as Word Processor? You Bet!

Few weeks ago, Japanese Slashdot.org put up an article, titled Americans Surprised in Craze, Japanese Using Excel for Graph Paper. Idea is that a lot of Japanese use Microsoft Excel for doing work seems to be more suitable with word processors, such as Microsoft Word. (I personally like OpenOffice.org, but that’s not the point here…) […]

How Git is Saving My Project

Introduction If you have been following me, I’ve mentioned numerous time about this software called Git. You’ll find more information about what it is on their web page mentioned above or perhaps, you can checkout its Wikipedia article, if you prefer. Simply put, Git is distributed version control system. From mid-2008, I have been using […]

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