Graphical Abstraction and Political Correctness

When we talk about anime and other graphical medium, both Western and Japanese (I’m not speaking of other cultures, because I simply don’t know well about them) features abstraction when they are drawn. In Japan, it could be anime, and also chibi characters such as Nendoroid. Though a lot of features on those characters are […]

On Japanese E-mail Mannarism

One of Japanese “E-mail mannerism” article is causing bit of arguments on twitter. Idea is that the article is saying that one should be suffixed with sama (Japanese Mr./Ms.) to names showing up in “TO” header, which a lot of people claim it is bad know-how. I actually believe it is very bad idea. Simply […]

Nanoscale Yagi Antenna

Apparently, nano scale Yagi-Uda antenna can be used to direct optical wave, which makes sense considering light is just high frequency wave, much much higher than radio wave. For those not into radio, antenna optimal for higher frequencies are smaller, so one that can emit or receive optical light would be nanoscale like this. Naturally, […]

How Painful

Argh, this is painful. I don’t go into arguments if the lamp would have a feeling or not. (I don’t personally think so.) But I feel like sentiments of appreciating everyday thing is important. If people don’t feel bad about throwing working items, we’d be full of garbage really. (which sadly, is what’s happening in […]

Fun with Master Documents on

Master Documents, such an underutilized part of is actually very useful tool when you have to write documents more than few pages. Master Document is basically special version of Writer window that let you combine multiple documents to make one document. It is very nice as you could be editing chunk of each […]

JASRAC to Collect Copyright Fee for Singing on Twitter?

There have been some shock in Japanese internet users when Mizuo Sugawara, the director of Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers also known as JASRAC, said posting portion of lyric on Twitter can be subject to copyright fee payment. It seems to be bit ambiguous how this can be enforced, as what […]

Fun with WINMAIL.DAT (not)

Someone told me of this problem when certain people reply to him, he does not see reply, but rather his own copy of the E-mail. (appears if the E-mail was resent back at him, but with recipient’s E-mail address.) Investigating problem, I concluded this is bad implementation of Microsoft Outlook and also non-standard behavior of […]

New Music: Hideki’s Theme

New music, called Hideki’s Theme is now available for listening, and for purchase if you feel like it. (You can listen to full track in various places; but if you are inclined, thank you for your support!) This song is just as offbeat as my other pieces. I got this idea of making theme music […]

TWYFO and Anti-Otaku Politics

The word Otaku is Japanese word is equivalent to nerd in Japanese. Although, the word Otaku often carries not negative, and even positive elements in many countries, this word tend to be negative when it is used in Japan. The attempt to laws like Tokyo’s recent audience can be also observed as anti-otaku movement. It […]

When you die…

Not that I’d care so much once I die, but it seems to be people being able to dig into my Gmail account is somewhat disturbing to think about. I feel Facebook is taking most progressive approach to it. I think most problematic ones are ones incur charges. When my father died, he left the […]

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