Analysis of Nexus One’s 3G Issue

I have been try to figure out Nexus One’s 3G conductibility issues I have been experiencing. Observation: Occasionally, data connection is disrupted randomly, causing application trying to connect to network reports timeout. This continues for few seconds to few minutes, depending on network access being attempted. (to the device to be able to recover, data […]

Clannad Scribbling on Google Wave

I have been scribbling things on Google Wave while I watch Clannad DVD. I am planning to do the same when I continue watching coming episodes. For those who do not have Google Wave, here’s a widget to browse through. It’s mostly talking trash, and occasional bad drawings…

Working Around Nexus One’s 3G Issues

There seems to be several issue regarding 3G connection issue on Nexus One. Issue range from fluctuation of signal strength depending on where you hold your phone, and others. One issue I am experiencing, which some other people report is the fact that Nexus One causes network error while up arrow indicator was staying on. […]

Personification of Hayabusa’s Re-entry to Earth

Hayabusa, also known as MUSES-C has been subject to personification by a lot of people in Japan, just like anything else. Someone goes by Sukocchi posted manga of Re-entry of Hayabusa in personified style. In this article, I will share this with translation. 2010 0613 19:51 (Over the radio): Hayabusa, detach the capsule. Hayabusa: Roger, […]

Google Chrome for Mac and Linux, and Why That Matters

It has been a little more than a week since stable version of Google Chrome for Mac and Linux was made available by Google. I haven’t tried Mac version, but I’ve tried Linux version. Linux version supports extensions as much as its Windows counterpart does, and it seems to be they are pretty much compatible […]

Useful Google Chrome Options for Privacy Protections

Google Chrome offers several different parameters you can pass in when you launch the application. Use them, you can disable components of Google Chrome. -disable-extensions disables extension -disable-images inhibit Google Chrome from loading images -disable-java disables Java -disable-javascript disables JavaScript -disable-plugins disables plugin -disable-sync inhibits bookmark sync feature -incognito opens browser in incognito mode Those […]

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