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On Flash and Mobile Device

Looks like there’s now out-of-beta version of Flash Player 10.1 for Android available on the Market. Something that makes Android platform one step superior to iPhone…

I have been using beta version of Flash Player on my Nexus One for few months now, and I found it actually beneficial to have it on my phone. Simply put, the web is all about diversity; there are many places still using Flash and I don’t think it’ll be gone any time soon. Hate it or not, there are certain thing that appropriate with Flash and not by HTML5. The article from YouTube API’s blog, the entry Flash and the HTML5 video tag summarizes some aspect of this very well.

Rather than displaying missing plugin on the page, having Flash Player actually displays contents, like it supposed to be. By Android supporting Flash Player, not only they give users the way to display contents as they are meant, it gives user a choice.

Biggest problem of Apple’s attitude, is that they don’t give users a choice. Let’s face it, Steve Jobs’s view of the whole Internet is mere ideology, which is bit of departure from how it is in the real life. His Thoughts on Flash attacks on Flash, but there’s no justification they wouldn’t give that choice to users.

The world that gives users a choice, or the world that choices are taken away by authority before you can even see there’s an option, which one do you prefer?

Update [August 17th, 2010 @ 18:48PDT]: Computerworld has a nice read about Flash, too.

By Hideki Saito

In the video game industry for for more than 15 years. Currently working for Nintendo of America Inc. as a Localization Engineer, developing the translation solutions.