Sakuranbo Elementary School Fiasco

Sakuranbo, a Japanese word for cherry, sounds quite innocent. Probably so if you stick that as name of the elementary school, well, unless it was already being used by mature themed sexual game (eroge) group. Here’s what happened. In Higashine city in Yamagata prefecture, there is new elementary school being built. Since Higashine city is […]

Skype Exclusivity With Verizon and How That Makes Skype Not Reliable

While ago, Skype released their Android version of client. But what’s so surprising? They went exclusive with Verizon Wireless. This is very stupid move of Skype, and even if you have capable Android device, you’re excluded, if you are not with Verizon. Actually, I wouldn’t have been unhappy if Skype has kept their Skype Lite […]

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