Locking Myself Out of Office is Never Fun

Well, I actually did. Office at my work is controlled by card locking device, which basically locks up after me. I had my wallet, which has the key, in my jacket among with my mobile phone, and I went out to go to restroom without one. So I came back to office — found myself locked out of the office. Pressing door bell didn’t help as there’s noone, in fact, exploring the office building turned out that there’s noone there. I even yelled walking through hallways “anyone here?” hoping I’d be able to borrow a phone to call for someone to help me. Also I searched for any emergency phones in the office, which I could find any. Fortunately, I had car key with me. At this point, I had three options.

First one was to go out and simply drive home — although it is illegal as my driver’s license in my wallet, and my instinct tells me it never is a good idea doing it consciously. Second option was to leave a car there and get to home on my bike, which happened to be in my car — problem is distance (about 20 miles) and cloth I was wearing at the time (I wore suit). Third option, is to attempt to go out to my car, and try to call up my phone through Bluetooth device in my car. Issue with any single one of these options are that if it turns out to be dysfunctional, I will not be able to come back into the building, as the building is also locked with same card key.

So here I am, I took chance — I went into my car, activated Bluetooth device. After few seconds, it showed Bluetooth icon on the display.

From there, I could call someone to help me by unlocking the door. It is actually scary to think about how it was if I didn’t even have car key. I would probably be stuck in the hallway until morning?

By Hideki Saito

In the video game industry for for more than 15 years. Currently working for Nintendo of America Inc. as a Localization Engineer, developing the translation solutions.