2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami Japan

Donation for Earthquake, Tsunami in Japan

As you probably know by now, North-Eastern part of Japan has suffered major earthquake and subsequent tsunami, which caused devastating damage to the region. They are dealing with many problems still; aftershocks, additional earthquake (yes you heard it right…Shizuoka region got hit by another — not as strong, but still major one) as well as continuing problem with nuclear power plants.

Last weekend, I responded the call to create the website called SeattleJapanRelief and it was my honor taking part launching this collaborative effort.

So if you or someone you know are considering donation, please do direct them to the website above. You don’t have to be in Seattle area to donate through it!

By Hideki Saito

In the video game industry for for more than 15 years. Currently working for Nintendo of America Inc. as a Localization Engineer, developing the translation solutions.