Anime I’m Watching

Crunchyroll allows me to watch many titles, in fact I’m watching 10 times more than I used to be.
The one I finished recently, is Squid Girl (Ika-Musume). This show certainly isn’t the best one I’ve ever seen, but I enjoyed it a lot. (In fact, Ika-Musume was one of few reasons I signed up for Crunchyroll premium-geso.

Some highlights from this season:

  • Nichijou (My Ordinary Life) – Hilarious (in good way) in many ways. Memorable character. If you only have time to watch one show this season, watch this one. Opening and Ending songs makes this even better.
  • Hoshizora e Kakeru Hashi (A Bridge to the Starry Sky) – Anime based on gal-ge from same title. Just as good as you can expect from such conversion.
  • STEINS;GATE – Story involving machine that can TXT back to the past. Interesting story.
  • Hanasaku Iroha – Honestly, I didn’t have high expectation from this show before I watched. I found first few episodes to be bit irritating, as I found most characters to be quite mean. But it gets better as the story progresses.

I’ve recently watched Clannad the Movie, but this one deserves it own entry, and I will do that once I’ve written one up.

Also my Watchlist is available if you are wondering what I’m up to.

By Hideki Saito

In the video game industry for for more than 15 years. Currently working for Nintendo of America Inc. as a Localization Engineer, developing the translation solutions.