Why Computers Don’t Work the Way You Want To?

I actually do a bit of PC troubleshooting at work, and personal life. Just through of sharing few of insights, just so I can help people out. 1. [Software vendor] changed it that I can’t find how to do [something I want to do] I often get this questions (complaints?) that software vendors change the […]

ARRL Field Day 2012 at Fort Flagler (with Mike and Key ARC)

I just came back from another ARRL Field Day — this being 8th one. (comes to think that I’m Mike and Key ARC member for almost 10 years now — I joined the club on November 2003, so the first Field Day I’ve ever participated was 2004, just I had to miss 2011 one, so […]

Hideki’s Song List: 6/21 Feature Update

API Updates: Header now contains appropriate content type. New option; callback argument can be passed with name of the call back and JSON will be enclosed in callback. This is there because some implementations (notably when accessing to the API from Chrome web app) requires it. (e.g. http://songlist.hclippr.com/api.php?callback=JSON_CALLBACK)

My Random Emacs LISP Scripts

I’m not particularly, LISPer, but I do code some Emacs LISP for my convinience. Just to pick a few… Create Random Buffer is a script to create some random buffer. I’m actually wondering why something like this doesn’t exist as default. (well, there’s scratch buffer, but…) Useful for experimenting. Anti-Space Invader is a simple script to make […]

Ubuntu Unity Dash Search Problem and Fix

Just installed new virtual machine instance of Ubuntu only to found that Unity Dash Search not showing anything. Then I came across the post on Ask Ubuntu, titled Software Sources not found in Unity Dash Search. It generally consists of doing copy operation from default: mkdir -p ~/.local/share/applications cp /usr/share/applications/software-properties-gtk.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/ Then changingNoDisplay=true within. After […]

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