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ARRL Field Day 2012 at Fort Flagler (with Mike and Key ARC)

I just came back from another ARRL Field Day — this being 8th one. (comes to think that I’m Mike and Key ARC member for almost 10 years now — I joined the club on November 2003, so the first Field Day I’ve ever participated was 2004, just I had to miss 2011 one, so that makes it 8th one.)

I’ve driven down Friday evening after the work, taking about 2 hours and 30 minutes — arrived earlier than I thought, around 9PM.

Unfortunately, unlike any other years I’ve participated, weather wasn’t favorable this year, with rain pouring down pretty hard. But was good year overall. (I had my folding bike with me in my car, but wasn’t too useful in this kind of weather…)

This year, I have worked mostly on 10m/80m/Digital, duping (e.g. logging, and being a “second set of ears”) which was a great opportunity to do digital operation as well as 80m, which I usually do not operate elsewhere.

I also worked on an hour or so on 20m later in night, before the band dies down.

The weather improved on Sunday, but why did mother nature had to wait until it is our time to leave?

Well, I did get to enjoy few hours of op under the bright Sun, getting some missing MI contacts over PSK31!

Look like we had some media coverage!

By Hideki Saito

In the video game industry for for more than 15 years. Currently working for Nintendo of America Inc. as a Localization Engineer, developing the translation solutions.