Pros and Cons of Operating Systems I Use

I use multiple operating system, and I thought I’d share my personal opinion about each of platforms.


+ Well supported platforms with plenty of drivers — hardwares are well supported
+ Most of games are for Windows
– When something goes wrong, it is hard to diagnose the issue
– Upkeep is expensive
– CUI is not as advanced as other offerings
– Shutdown takes forever in some configuration
– Going toward managed platform (WindowsRT, Metro, etc.)
Artificial RAM limit is imposed to each editions

Mac OS X

+ Good combination of nice GUI and UNIX platform
+ Many commercial software available
+ Relatively low cost of upkeep. (although hardware tends to be expensive)
+ Powerful CUI support
– Memory managements need work — requires frequent “purging” of memory
– Limited hardware support
– Often offers subpar usability when living outside of Apple eco-system.
– Going toward managed platform (heavily discouraging sideloading of applications)

Linux (Ubuntu)

+ Good platform management
+ Fast boot and shutdown
+ Good out-of-box experience with access to many (and mostly free) software from built-in software management scheme
+ Troubleshooting is relatively simpler as it exposes errors more than other platforms.
+ Upkeep is next to nothing
+ Powerful CUI support
– Hardware support tends to be very polarizing
– Sometimes resorting to more user-unfriendly config is required in some hard-to-diagnose issues
– Poor availability of commercial software

Chrome OS

+ Simple and fast
– Limited hardware support (OEM only)

Published by Hideki Saito

Video game guy working in the industry for past 15 years. Currently working for Nintendo of America Inc. as Sr. Technical Language Specialist.

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