A Geek Movie Theater Idea

So substantial people now use their devices while watching TV, why can’t we adopt this in a movie theater?

Here’s my idea — a geek tier. You get last row (if mixed with non-geek tier, entire auditorium can be geek tier which case every single row can be like that) of the seat with a small desk with an AC power, an Ethernet port (and perhaps optional wifi for tablet users) that you can hook up your laptop, and get connected. (These desks can have a small stall high enough to not obscure eye level to the screen, to satisfy pirate-worrying Hollywood studios.)

The idea is, you have full connectivity during movies, as well as web service containing movie and cast information. It can also IRC-like in-auditorium chat system that connects with people watching the same movie, probably named something like CineWhisper™, that you can cheer or jeer with other moviegoers.

Not only this appeal to geek moviegoers, but also to people going to movies in solo — putting some social element during the movie. You survive two hours (or whatever the duration of a movie will be) of socializing, you can even set up a little after-movie drinking session with them!

I’d regularly go to a movie theater like that!

Published by Hideki Saito

Video game guy working in the industry for past 15 years. Currently working for Nintendo of America Inc. as Sr. Technical Language Specialist.

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