Why Windows 8 Will Be Support Nightmare (Especially in Small Businesses)

Windows 8 offers a radically new interface for computers, with new features like new Metro (what do they call it now? Windows 8 interface?) and other features, or non-features like lack of the Start button. So why this is bad for small businesses? Simply put, it is bad for small businesses, unless whoever taking charge […]

Freenet as a Network Node Heartbeat Monitor

While real application of Freenet is for anonymous, censorship tolerant network. I am experimenting its usefulness as poor man’s server heartbeat monitor. The idea is, I’d configure each node as Darknet only mode, and only exchange keys with nodes to monitor the server. Participating nodes can monitor status of server by whether it is available […]

A Statement Regarding Interview by NHK of Japan About Tor Technology

This is a document originally written on September 20th, regarding interview about Tor conducted by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Written on 9/20/2012 I’ve received inquiries from NHK (Nippon Housou Kyoukai) regarding interview they want to do with me. As they will be having a discussion of anonymizing technology in their show called Science Zero to […]

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