Vocaloid Songs (Seriously) Need Curation

Playing Project Diva F, it somewhat renewed my feeling that Hatsune Miku (and all Vocaloids) can really use extensive curation.

I might have said this elsewhere, but Vocaloid songs are very diverse, and that’s like a singer having enormous repertly. There are many good songs, but at the same time, they are intimidating to approach.

There are efforts like Karent that collects music for distributions, but let’s face it, discoverability, for instance from Spotify is pretty horrible.

Perhaps it is easier for someone active in Niconico may be able to find songs easier by composer’s name, etc.?

Despite that I use Vocaloid software, I hardly consider myself to be “in the community” and I’m not very sure how much of the mainstream approach from within the community is in consideration, but I can’t help noticing a lot of good content are being literally hidden from outside, and I feel like it can be improved for better!

A Japanese Language Edition of this article is here / この記事の日本語版はこちら