Why I like Gmail better than Inbox

I’ve tried to use Inbox for a while, and after few about a half year of usage, I determined Gmail interface is more of what I find more useful than Inbox in daily E-mail usage.

What I like about Inbox

Inbox has its own charm, it’s somewhat easier to navigate, and offers wide variety of snippets. If there  are attachments, they are highlighted, and I’d say, it’s more fun to use.

What Inbox is trying to do is very ambitious and is a very interesting attempt to improve E-mail as we interact today.

What I don’t like about Inbox

Then there are bit of complaints I have with Inbox, it’s mostly features available on Gmail, but not on Inbox.

No alternative signatures for alternative address

I have some alternative addresses I have set up, for example for the convention E-mail and such. What really bothers me is that I can’t set up an alternative E-mail signatures for them.

Send style defaults to HTML and there’s no way to change this

I don’t usually send HTML mails, because, they may hide invisible changes I don’t mean to send. Gmail allows me to switch between HTML and text, but Inbox doesn’t.

No “view source” option

OK. I admit, this is not something 99% of the population would seek for. I like to be able to view E-mail source to inspect headers. Why do I want check an E-mail header anyways? Well, it is one of the best ways to detect phishing E-mail.

Language specific reply header and I can’t change it

When you hit reply to E-mail with Gmail, I see something like this as a reply header:

2016-02-17 13:26 GMT-08:00 John Doe <>:

If I do the same on Inbox, I see this: (I set my UI default to Japanese)

2016年2月17日(水) 13:26 John Doe <>:

Why I like Gmail version better? Because it doesn’t matter whether I am sending my E-mail to someone in Japan, US, or any other countries I’m sending my E-mail to and make sense to everybody. Reply header that Inbox use only makes sense to Japanese people. At least I expect the option to change this.


From what I observe above, Inbox seems to be designed for more of casual E-mail users, perhaps consuming more E-mail than writing one. What I really want to see is either Inbox with more of Gmail features implemented, or vice-versa. Come on Google, you should be able to do that!