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What was the cruelest thing a school teacher did to you or someone else?

At Quora, there was a someone asking for What was the cruelest thing a school teacher did to you or someone else?

I have decided to share my story from my 1st (and 3rd) year of the school. It was very strange years…

My first year in my elementary was cruel all year round due to crazy home room teacher. (This was in Japan.) I got picked on every little thing, I forgot to bring a single pencil? I got written up for it. Ate school lunch slow? I got written up for that too, and literally made me sit through reminder of a school day with my unfinished lunch on my desk and sometimes well into after school hours. (Keep in mind this was my first year in school, at 6 years old.) A slight deviation from what he considered standard would have resulted in write up, and had to face this guy for up to 4 hours a day at time, 6 days a week. (Back then, Saturdays were not off.) I later found out noone else in the class were subjected to this, so certainly I was being bullied by this teacher.

I was stressed and had a meltdown to the point that I refused to do any homework for a month — it could have lasted longer, but eventually my parents found out about it and did get chewed me out for it, although that didn’t make any different as I have been written up for it for other things anyways. (I don’t remember how I managed to hide the fact I didn’t turn in my homework for this long, however.)

Irregularities caused by this teacher was fairly apparent considering this never happened for a year with different teacher, until he was my home room teacher again in my third year at school, which basically threw me into same hell, but longer, for another year. (1st year student dismissed around noon, but 3rd grader had 1 or 2 extra hours, which basically means I’ve had to deal with this for up to 6 hours a day!) Fortunately teachers for latter three years of my elementary school after this were very decent.

Probably, these days, this type of actions by teacher would cause question in teacher’s competencies, but back then, teachers were bit more respected, at least to the extent they didn’t get scrutiny of what happening despite complaints. (and due to overall naivete of my end, I was very young after all.) While I generally did okay in school but I can only remember horrible things in my first and third years of school.

The point of this story… teachers, please don’t bully your student. It’s awful.