Should we give Firefox another chance?

While the Mozilla Firefox vs. Google Chrome seems to be a topic that comes up once in a while, while the recently, it is dwarfed by close to 60% of the market share by Chrome.  Recently there was an article called It’s time to give Firefox another chance. The article emphasizes that the next version […]

Reasons You Can’t Get Into Japanese Music Industry as a Foreigner (Unless You Really Try)

A little while ago, I stumbled upon an article named Why Independent Artists From USA, UK and the West, Cannot Get a Recording Deal in Japan. While this article is somewhat dated, I thought I would share what I know about the current industry. Before I begin covering these topics, one thing I really like to […]

What was the cruelest thing a school teacher did to you or someone else?

At Quora, there was a someone asking for What was the cruelest thing a school teacher did to you or someone else? I have decided to share my story from my 1st (and 3rd) year of the school. It was very strange years… My first year in my elementary was cruel all year round due […]

On Characteristics of Machine Learning

My previous article, Do Neural Networks Dream of Pokémon? I have inferred it is not very effective use of the machine learning technology, and I wanted to do some follow up on that aspect. First of all, the definition of machine learning is that technology that allows machine to determine outcome without explicitly programming covering […]

Do Neural Networks Dream of Pokémon?

One thing I wanted to experiment with TensorFlow (and neural network) is a some simple numerical processing. I have decided to put it into test. I was looking for some subject, and then I noticed something about Pokémon Sun & Moon. There is a Festival Plaza feature in the game where players can play set […]

Jupyter the Python Based Notebook System

Jupyter the Python based notebook system Started using fairly recently, there is a tool called Jupyter. Characteristics are: It is based on Python; it was originally called IPython which provided interactive Python environment. It now supports more than Python, thus is now developed under Project Jupyter. IPython, however, is still in development for providing interactive […]

Clannad English (Physical) Release Unboxing

This article contains an update regarding the soundtrack. So this huge box just showed up. It’s not a monolith, but a box from Sekai Project. I’ve backed Clannad English version, and this is their shipment. (1 of 2, I believe, as they are still working on one for extra side-stories, anthology comic, and such.) Here’s […]

Why I like Gmail better than Inbox

I’ve tried to use Inbox for a while, and after few about a half year of usage, I determined Gmail interface is more of what I find more useful than Inbox in daily E-mail usage. What I like about Inbox Inbox has its own charm, it’s somewhat easier to navigate, and offers wide variety of snippets. […]

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