Mt. Rainier Hiking

Yesterday, I went out to Mr. Rainier, for the day hike, and it was great!
There were 8 of us, including myself; Hitomi, Elias, Eugene, Carlos, Chris, Hiromi, and Lucas taking great loop starting Paradise, called Skyline trail, which is about 5 miles with about 1400 feet of elevation gain.
There were some small creeks to cross, snow to to walk on (and falling couple time, going down on those are crazy!)
Climbing up used up a lot of stamina, and down part used more of muscle.
Overall, I really enjoyed whole experience and also reminded that I need more exercise!
Today, every part of my body is sore, but it was well worth!
Checking on a little guide booklet tells me that this trail is strenuous. Where can I find a license plate frame or a t-shirt that says “I survived the Skyline Trail!”
Many thanks to Hitomi and Elias for planning this, and for a ride!