Dinner & Karaoke

Friday (now yesterday) after work, I’ve gone to dinner outing to for birthday of one of us, as well as perhaps us having fun.
After dealing with some carpooling (though I’ve had enough transportation management at the con!) we’ve first went to Kaname Izakaya.
Dinner was good, and after we ate, we headed to Seattle’s Best Karaoke for some karaoke actions…
At Karaoke, I have song quite a few including:

So I gave I’m proud a try because Kagami Hiiragi (Emiri Kato) was singing in the one of ending in Lucky Star. (Original version of the song was by Tomomi Kahara.) Trying this song, now I know why Kagami was making her mistake where she was making mistake. For example, Kagami’s version, she seems to attempt to start singing too early after intro, and that’s perhaps because karaoke version actually starts there, while version on the CD starting few bars after that.

Another tendency I found out about myself is that I’m overloading microphone when I sing. I think what happe