The Endless Debates: E-mail Signature

The Endless Debate covers topics that seems to come up again and again, which seems to have no winner in the end. The classic example of it is the number of spaces after the period. (This particular topic is not covered by me yet, but I will certainly get to it at some point, stay […]

Why Windows 8 Will Be Support Nightmare (Especially in Small Businesses)

Windows 8 offers a radically new interface for computers, with new features like new Metro (what do they call it now? Windows 8 interface?) and other features, or non-features like lack of the Start button. So why this is bad for small businesses? Simply put, it is bad for small businesses, unless whoever taking charge […]

Why I decided to get Galaxy Nexus and go back to Vanilla Android

I have been Android user since T-mobile released their first Android phone, T-mobile G1 (HTC Dream), back in 2008. Couple years after that, I’ve moved to Nexus One, then on Sensation 4G (HTC Sensation) then recently, I’ve decided to move to Galaxy Nexus with vanilla Android. Of course, Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) was one of many reasons […]

Why Computers Don’t Work the Way You Want To?

I actually do a bit of PC troubleshooting at work, and personal life. Just through of sharing few of insights, just so I can help people out. 1. [Software vendor] changed it that I can’t find how to do [something I want to do] I often get this questions (complaints?) that software vendors change the […]

How the Gym has Failed

(My intension to this article is meant to complain to whole industry practice, and not meant to call out any particular franchise, so I will withhold its name and site. Also, any names shown on this articles are pseudonyms.) The story begun when I received a little voucher by the mail — free gym membership […]

My Vouch to Support Free Expression

I have watched documentary called This Film Is Not Yet Rated. Basically this documentary outlines how secretive MPAA about who are actually rating films, as well as biased decision of rating, particularly between R and NC-17. I always thought NC-17 is reserved for highly pornographic contents, but this documentary persuaded me that would not be […]

Graphical Abstraction and Political Correctness

When we talk about anime and other graphical medium, both Western and Japanese (I’m not speaking of other cultures, because I simply don’t know well about them) features abstraction when they are drawn. In Japan, it could be anime, and also chibi characters such as Nendoroid. Though a lot of features on those characters are […]

How Painful

Argh, this is painful. I don’t go into arguments if the lamp would have a feeling or not. (I don’t personally think so.) But I feel like sentiments of appreciating everyday thing is important. If people don’t feel bad about throwing working items, we’d be full of garbage really. (which sadly, is what’s happening in […]

Thought on 4000 Pennies

Just some stupid thoughts. If you ever require 10kg weight for any reason, solution could be your bank. Just get 4000 pennies for $40.00, as each penny weigh for 2.5g. Just wondered if it is actually economical, so I Googled, and there’s actual place who sell those weight.10kg Cast Iron Weight, even non-certified one costs […]

On Bikini and Coffee

I think i just have to write this one. Earlier, I posted two messages on my Facebook page and also on Twitter. This fiasco over Bellevue bikini barista is insane. Oh, and suggestion to photograph customer for defamation is illegal and then Also, Bellevue’s “Deputy Mayor” Claudia Balducci suggesting breaking a law while she […]

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