An Offline Client for Hideki’s Songlist

Hideki’s Songlist Offline is now available from Chrome Webstore. As much as Hideki’s Songlist Offline started off from my needs (and still serving mostly for that reason…) this offline solution also comes from my desire to have offline access to the Hideki’s Songlist even when there is no Internet connection available. As Hideki’s Songlist already […]

Hideki’s Song List: 6/21 Feature Update

API Updates: Header now contains appropriate content type. New option; callback argument can be passed with name of the call back and JSON will be enclosed in callback. This is there because some implementations (notably when accessing to the API from Chrome web app) requires it. (e.g.

Introducing Hideki’s Song List

I sing different kind of songs at karaoke, and sometimes it is hard to keep track of what I can sing. I used to keep the list of such song using Google Docs (I guess it is now called Google Drive) About two weeks I go, I decided to make the new system instead of appending […]

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