T-mobile Roaming in Japan

I was traveling Japan earlier, from March 23rd, to March 30th. This was my first time traveling with my phone set to roam. The last travel before that was precisely 7 years 1 month 24 days before this trip, and I did not roam for two reasons back then; one it was cost prohibitive, and […]

Google Camera Depth Map Collection

Some pictures interpreted by Google Camera You can extract these using the following: exiftool -X -b $1.jpg | sed -n -e ‘s/.*<XMP-GDepth:Data>\(.*\)<\/XMP-GDepth:Data>.*/\1/p’ | base64 -d > $1_depthmap.png exiftool -X -b $1.jpg | sed -n -e ‘s/.*<XMP-GImage:Data>\(.*\)<\/XMP-GImage:Data>.*/\1/p’ | base64 -d > $1_preprocessed.jpg

Fun With Wi-fi Monitoring Above 10000 ft

This was my first time flying on the airplane with Wi-fi service. The service was quite expensive so I did not purchase it. Instead, I’ve decided to see what I will get if I do some magic using Wireshark. I’ve configured the wi-fi device into monitor mode. (in this mode, I am not connected to […]

Why I decided to get Galaxy Nexus and go back to Vanilla Android

I have been Android user since T-mobile released their first Android phone, T-mobile G1 (HTC Dream), back in 2008. Couple years after that, I’ve moved to Nexus One, then on Sensation 4G (HTC Sensation) then recently, I’ve decided to move to Galaxy Nexus with vanilla Android. Of course, Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) was one of many reasons […]

On Flash and Mobile Device

Looks like there’s now out-of-beta version of Flash Player 10.1 for Android available on the Market. Something that makes Android platform one step superior to iPhone… I have been using beta version of Flash Player on my Nexus One for few months now, and I found it actually beneficial to have it on my phone. […]

Analysis of Nexus One’s 3G Issue

I have been try to figure out Nexus One’s 3G conductibility issues I have been experiencing. Observation: Occasionally, data connection is disrupted randomly, causing application trying to connect to network reports timeout. This continues for few seconds to few minutes, depending on network access being attempted. (to the device to be able to recover, data […]

Working Around Nexus One’s 3G Issues

There seems to be several issue regarding 3G connection issue on Nexus One. Issue range from fluctuation of signal strength depending on where you hold your phone, and others. One issue I am experiencing, which some other people report is the fact that Nexus One causes network error while up arrow indicator was staying on. […]

A Major Defect of the Android Platform

I haven’t bad mouthed too much of the Android platform, because I think I had some expectation that they are probably working on this to fix the problem. It has been some update release and they still haven’t figured out probably the most critical defect of the platform, so I will dump it out here […]

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