Working Around Extreme Lag of Google Chrome

Update (2016-02-22): Developers have implemented changes to address this issue. While you won’t see the benefit of these changes immediately, it is certainly “coming soon” at this point. I have been experiencing excessive lag on Google Chrome on Linux for a while, and I have been searching for solutions. The issue itself, has been reported […]

A Call for Help Resolving Google Chrome Issue

I have been observing the issue with Google Chrome mainly on Mac OS X, that in some instance, the browser would show wrong URL and page title. For instance, the screenshot on this page shows problem — the page I’ve navigated was, but page title shows “New tab” (my UI is set to Japanese, […]

Google Chrome for Mac and Linux, and Why That Matters

It has been a little more than a week since stable version of Google Chrome for Mac and Linux was made available by Google. I haven’t tried Mac version, but I’ve tried Linux version. Linux version supports extensions as much as its Windows counterpart does, and it seems to be they are pretty much compatible […]

Useful Google Chrome Options for Privacy Protections

Google Chrome offers several different parameters you can pass in when you launch the application. Use them, you can disable components of Google Chrome. -disable-extensions disables extension -disable-images inhibit Google Chrome from loading images -disable-java disables Java -disable-javascript disables JavaScript -disable-plugins disables plugin -disable-sync inhibits bookmark sync feature -incognito opens browser in incognito mode Those […]

Getting Rid of Google Chrome’s RLZ Tracking

If you are Google Chrome user and search on Google from the bar (called “OmniBar”) you might have noticed there’s some odd parameter on the URL. Apparently, this is called RLZ. Masked part would show something like 5FA3ADH_enUSA3AGE332. According to Chromium Blog article from Google, it’s: RLZ: When you do a Google search from the […]

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