What happened to Hideki’s Random Stuff?

On September 6th, there has been report from Google webmaster’s tool that there’s something wrong with sitemap.xml — further inspecting the issue, it was found that there have been some issue in interactive portion of the Drupal website was malfunctioning. As the time goes by, problem started getting worse, once cache expired and contents are dynamically generated, the website eventually starting to melt down, with rather unpleasant error message — that SQLite database, which was the system was running on was malformed.

Researching further, it seems to be some repairable case of the error, however, digging deeper, this particular seems to be beyond repair.

Here’s an issue: I was stupid enough to not have back up on the SQLite database file residing on the site — so I’m now stuck without all the backlog on the blog disappeared. I may be able to open .ht.sqlite file in text editor to recover contents of the file, but probably without date portion of the posting intact — as I really doubt they are in human readable format.

Bright side of the story is that I am currently staging a NPO website which actually uses similar setup — now I think I am migrating it to better setup, perhaps with MySQL server instead of crappy SQLite database.

Two lessons I learned:

  1. Back up database file.
  2. Drop SQLite.

Fortunately, after going through quite a bit of problem, I’ve managed to migrate whole database into real database. I actually found SQLite conversion to MySQL very problematic, but DBTNG Migrator which is a migration tool acts as a module within Drupal platform worked very well at last.

Bright side is that it should now be working much better.

Google Chrome

A Call for Help Resolving Google Chrome Issue

Chrome BugI have been observing the issue with Google Chrome mainly on Mac OS X, that in some instance, the browser would show wrong URL and page title.

For instance, the screenshot on this page shows problem — the page I’ve navigated was, but page title shows “New tab” (my UI is set to Japanese, thus showing it in Japanese) as it also shows chrome://newtab. Reloading this page would cause new tab page to load, and forward and back functionality will function as if it was on the page display on the URL displayed. (If navigated then, and then navigated to — if the bar says then refreshing will refresh to, back button will put you back to, and once you are back to pressing forward button will cause to load. I observe is this can happen in any pages, and persists until I kill the browser process of the page instance. As annoying this could be, this also carries security implication, as one could be navigating to website for bank, and if they have navigated to possible phishing site, the browser still will show URL and title for the bank. So far I have observed this issue on Mac OS X, but it might be happening on other operating systems, too.

I reported this as issue 82073 (may not be visible as it is security issue) however was told they won’t fix unless I have repro step. As I feel it is very critical issue, I would like to see if I can provide them repro step, and the first step is to find out if there are any patterns. However, so far I haven’t found the cause yet.

If you happen to see this issue, please let me know of your environment, URL of the site affected, browser version, extensions installed, as well as any operations you have been doing when you observed the issue. As the security bug, if Google is to offer bounty on it, I will see if they’ll be able to split it among contributors, and if not, I will refuse such payment and have it donated to charity. Main thing is that I want this to be addressed.

Thank you for your help in advance!