Cycling in Seattle

On Sunday, May 2nd, I went to cycling with Hitomi and Elias.
It was 11.6 miles run next to Lake Washington Blvd in Seattle.

View Seattle Cycling May 2, 2010 in a larger map

It was first weekend of Bicycle Sunday event, basically Seattle has closed off vehicle traffic along part of Lake Washington Blvd.
We started off from Sam Smith Park, and went through I-90 trail tunnel (didn’t know there is the one for pedestrian / bicycle) then, headed toward Seward Park. Going around Seward Park, then we headed back to where we originated.

Though, it was shorter than more than 20 miles we did at Skagit Valley. It had more up and down, which challenged me in different way.
After the ride, we’ve went to Schuwanian Cuisine for some hot pot.

One thing I noticed during this cycling is that one pad of the frontal V-brake was “locked,” and also front wheel is slightly misaligned. It seems to be they are somewhat common for new bikes — I found hex wrench in my drawer and hopefully, I’d be able to fix up brake myself… (reading some thing about alignment, it seems to be not impossible, but something I’d rather not mess with myself and should seek some professional help…)


Cycling in Neighborhood

Going out for longer ride is something, but since I got my bike, I often travel out to my neighborhood, too.
Issaquah is not very big city, but riding around makes me realize how I haven’t gotten around much.
Like, there is historical city hall and jail in my neighborhood (it is now a museum, it looks like. I need to come back when they are open to check it out!)


Skagit Valley Outing on the Bike

Today, I was riding around Skagit Valley all afternoon with Elias and Hitomi. I have been here but experience was significantly different this time around. Not only this was my first time visiting Skagit Valley on my bike, this marked my first real outing with my new bike.

Tulip Field

We started off from Edgewater Park, riding along McLean Rd to the West, and visited Roozengaarde. Tulip fields there were very nice, it looked like a carpet on the field. We were not supposed to go into field (if people go too far, person with flag tells you to not do that) although it seems like there were some threshold that the person don’t care.


There were some alpacas. Other than $5 will gets you into the fence (which I didn’t) they were upselling some of alpaca merchandises. Dogs there looked very tired!

Tired Dog

After leaving Roozengaarde, we headed further west, trying to find additional tulip field. We didn’t find any, but we ended up close enough to La Conner, a little nice town with antique feeling to it, and also good ice creams!

Lemon Icecream

It tasted very good, and especially great with all the energy I put in to get to the place.

After having moment of icecream greatness, we’ve headed to the East, toward Skagit river. We went through long strech of road for about 30 minutes, which we hit Skagit river.

Skagit River

Then we headed to the North where we came from, then to Skagit River Brewery, where we had beer with some tasty BBQs.

Hitomi and Elias with Beer

Looking back all the road we have gone through, it was total of 20.54 miles. This was very fun experience, and I enjoyed a lot. Yes this made my feet and hand sore, but it well worth it!


Folding Bike!

So, one of the thing I have been telling to people that I will do this year for sure was to get folding bike. And today, I finally did it!

It’s a folding bike from Dahon; it’s their new 2010 Eco 3 model.

Doing some runs at Crossroad park

I dropped by REI in Issaquah, as I got off my work early today. I was looking at this particular bike on the web, and there it was, on the stand at REI. After asking few questions, they offered me so I can take it out for test ride.

It has been close to 18 years since I last rode on bike, but amazingly, I didn’t have any hesitation or problem getting back to speed. After doing few back and forth in the short trail just behind the store in the gorgeous weather, it didn’t take too long to find that this is what I want. I felt GREAT!

Then I got back to the store, after some moment of thinking (financially speaking, it’s somewhat bigger chunk of money I’m spending!) I told the person there I will take it. While they are doing check on it, I have had storeperson show me around for additional accessories I’d need. I got bike lights, helmet, spare tube, portable pump with it, resulting about $540 in expenditure. (hopefully this will be best $540 I’m spending this year!)

As a folding bike, it folds,