A Call for Help Resolving Google Chrome Issue

I have been observing the issue with Google Chrome mainly on Mac OS X, that in some instance, the browser would show wrong URL and page title. For instance, the screenshot on this page shows problem — the page I’ve navigated was creativecommons.org, but page title shows “New tab” (my UI is set to Japanese, […]

Analysis of Nexus One’s 3G Issue

I have been try to figure out Nexus One’s 3G conductibility issues I have been experiencing. Observation: Occasionally, data connection is disrupted randomly, causing application trying to connect to network reports timeout. This continues for few seconds to few minutes, depending on network access being attempted. (to the device to be able to recover, data […]

Working Around Nexus One’s 3G Issues

There seems to be several issue regarding 3G connection issue on Nexus One. Issue range from fluctuation of signal strength depending on where you hold your phone, and others. One issue I am experiencing, which some other people report is the fact that Nexus One causes network error while up arrow indicator was staying on. […]

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