A Geek Movie Theater Idea

So substantial people now use their devices while watching TV, why can’t we adopt this in a movie theater? Here’s my idea — a geek tier. You get last row (if mixed with non-geek tier, entire auditorium can be geek tier which case every single row can be like that) of the seat with a […]

Sintel, the Blender Open Movie Project

Sintel is Open Movie project developed by Blender Institute. In case you are not familiar with the concept, it is movie created mostly (other than some audio production) using open source software, prominently, Blender, the 3D production software. If you haven’t seen it, here it is on youtube… Sintel is a little than 15 minutes […]

My Vouch to Support Free Expression

I have watched documentary called This Film Is Not Yet Rated. Basically this documentary outlines how secretive MPAA about who are actually rating films, as well as biased decision of rating, particularly between R and NC-17. I always thought NC-17 is reserved for highly pornographic contents, but this documentary persuaded me that would not be […]

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