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Vocaloid2 Names on My Works

You may be wondering why my songs with Vocaloid2 (Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin/Len, Megurine Luka) are not tagged so, with few exceptions.

Here is why. Because I have not obtained license from Crypton Future Media (publisher of Character Vocal series of Vocaloid2) to use character likeness.

According to Crypton Future Media’s license they require additional license for the following form of use.

(1) Use in Commercial Karaoke
Use of generated audio in commercial karaoke software, karaoke hardware, karaoke system using the Internet, other commercial karaoke product, and karaoke service (including online, offline, and other form)
(2) Use in Commercial Telephone / Mobile Phone Ringtones
When generated audio is used commercially for telephone (including mobile) and equipments for telephone (here after “telephones”) ringtones. However, this agreements covers ringtones, and warning tones including generated audio, but mixed with other musical instruments and in case of use within musical work, in which case do not require additional license.
(3) Use in Videos
Use as if characters in video work (including animation) is singing and performing with generated audio.
(4) Product Display
Title of the product (“Hatsune Miku,” “VOCALOID,” “Virtual Artist,” or related display (hereafter “contractual display”) is credited and prominently displayed to end user on the product, package, promotional material, and/or staff credit on video works as singer, artist, musical instruments, which utilizies generated audio, and used for commercial trade and performance.
Although most of my work are available free of charge, but at same time most of my works are published by a profit corporation, I cannot use their mark, unless I obtain license from them. That’s why you don’t see Vocaloid2 names on my work.

In same count, there are people who are actually selling digital album on the net with Vocaloid2 mark and names. I’m not sure if they are properly licensed. Although I’m not really sure Crypton Future Media’s enforcing those very strongly.


JASRAC to Collect Copyright Fee for Singing on Twitter?

There have been some shock in Japanese internet users when Mizuo Sugawara, the director of Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers also known as JASRAC, said posting portion of lyric on Twitter can be subject to copyright fee payment. It seems to be bit ambiguous how this can be enforced, as what constitute singing in twitter can be very difficult to determine. You could be unknowingly using part of lyric without realizing about it.

I think JASRAC will be more likely be seeking for blanked licensing, similar to what they have done for YouTube and

That’s quite interesting, as I’m affiliated with ASCAP, which is in agreement with JASRAC, if someone sings my creation on twitter, do I get a piece of pie, too?


New Music: Hideki’s Theme

New music, called Hideki’s Theme is now available for listening, and for purchase if you feel like it. (You can listen to full track in various places; but if you are inclined, thank you for your support!)

This song is just as offbeat as my other pieces. I got this idea of making theme music for myself, although I’m not very sure if this reflects myself!